Alceme title


Alceme was a wife of Jason and dauther of king Lycomedes.

At Alceme's and Jason's wedding ceremony at Iolcus, Ionian mercenaries and a blacktongue bowman appear on the overlooking balcony. After the blacktongue kills a sentry, he takes his place on the balcony with free view of the couple and fires a poisoned arrow at Alceme which incapacitates her. He also shoots at Jason but he quickly covers himself with his shield and deflects the arrow. Jason chases him through the villa and eventually kills the assassin.


Jason starts the journey to revive her at all costs and to retrieve the golden fleece. Whilst he is away on his quest, Alceme is protected by Hermes, as one of four blessings bestowed upon him.

After dealing with his traitorous Uncle Pelias, he uses the golden fleece to bring her back to life and the unfinished wedding ceremony is finally completed and so Alceme becomes Queen of Iolcus.