Daedalus in his forge.

Daedalus was a blacksmith from Myceane Arena. He was telling Jason a rules of his trial. When was Jason released from the arena, he found Damon an agent send by king Minos who was looking for Daedalus for his crimes. Jason helped Daedalus by tricking Damon and sending him to Alexandria.

Later when was the another tournament revealed by king Lycomedes. Jason took part in that tournament, which angered Patroclus so he wanted to kill Jason by poison released from the cages of the beasts in the second round. After that Daedalus said that it was cowardly and he had enough of it so before the final round against Docon he asked Jason if he can join them at his journey. And he became another member of Argos crew.

At Argos Daedalus had his own forge and made extented version of the gladiator's armor for Jason.

Later when was Argo killed he took his place and steer the ship.