Hep'naje in it's hideout.

Hep'naje was a monster on  Saria. Hep'naje killed many centaurs of the Nyssiros tribe. It had the body and face of a lion and claws coming from its back and a giant scorpion stinger as its tail. One day long ago, centaurs from the Nyssiros went to collect herbs for the village. One of the centaurs was picking the herbs when all of the sudden Hep'naje appeared. The other centaurs ran away  but one got killed by the monster and it dissapeared.

Jason and his fellow companions were sent to Saria for a quest and Hep'naje turned out to be the most of it. Jason spoke to the leader of the tribe Lykas and said to hunt down the creature. During the hunt Jason found many mysterious clues and it was discovered that Hep'naje was a Blacktounge. Jason travelled to the temple of Hermes and ate a mysterious lookin fruit and when he took a bite he could see the spirits of the other world. Hep'naje dissapeared after a battle and she went to the spirit world so that nobody could track her down.