King lycomedes2

Lycomedes at his seat in arena.

Lycomedes was king of Mycenae and father of Jason 's wife Alceme . He blamed Jason for her death and sentenced him to a gladiator trial. After Jason won the trial he called him innocent and free him.

He revealed another tournament and the one who would win it replace him as a king. Blacktongues tried to kill him during tournament. The man who tried to kill him was Patroclus the owner of the arena who was connected to the blacktongues. But Lycomedes dodges the Patroclus's attack and smashed his head with mace. Jason and Achilles then kill every blacktongue involved including Docon.

After that Lycomedes apologized to Jason for not trusting him. And joined him on his journey as a desceant of Ares.